Christian Tours In Greece 2023

Greece is one of the most important countries to visit. Apart the masterpieces of art you will visit, Greece played an important role to the History of Europe. It was the first country converted to Christianity by one of the most charismatic personalities of Christian History: Apostle Paul. Christianity was born in a historical environment that was shaped by three worlds: Judean, Roman and Hellenistic.

The Hellenistic world that ended with the Roman occupation of Greece and Middle East is the beginning of a new era of humanity: is the passage from the Pagan world to a new religion, the religion of Love. Paul is preaching this new religion and is the bearer of a new message, the message of love. Even he wasn’t in the core of the 12 first disciples of Jesus, Paul converted to Christianity responding to the call of God.

Paul is guided by the Holy Spirit is starting to expand the message of Jesus to Asia Minor. The same spirit led him in Greece. Greece is the place where Paul established the first church into European soil (Phillipi). The first woman in European History was converted and baptized in Greece: Lydia. In Greece you will realize the connection between Ancient Greek philosophy and christian faith. No matter if you are believer, or lover of the history, or both, Paul’s message is still alive.