Christian Tours In Israel 2023

The Land of Israel is synonymous to the Holy Land. Much of the biblical History took place within the boundaries of the modern nation of Israel. For the Christians, the land of Israel is Holy because of its connection with Jesus life. All the events of His life such as His birth, His ministry, crucifixion and resurrection took place in Israel. Israel, also is important for Jewish and Muslim faith, especially the city of Jerusalem.

Many terms have been connected to the Land of Israel: Land of Canaan, The Promised Land, The Holy Land. The History of Israel follows the History of the whole area. Many rulers, many languages, different religions. Israel was and still is the bridge of these people and worlds. We find there Jewish religion, the beginning of Christianity, the changes and the diversities.

Israel is the most important visit for the believers and the Pilgrims because is a tribute to the beginning of Christianity, is a visit searching for the divine, full of images, History, faith and spiritual growth. Is a journey through the Bible towards to the Light. The Light of Jesus Christ.