the holy mount athos

Dafni Settlement

Dafni is a small settlement on Mount Athos. It is located on the southern coast of the peninsula of Athos between Xiropotamos Monastery and Simon Petra Monastery. It is used mainly as a port and an entry point to the Athonite monastic state, with daily ferries from the town of Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki. Here are located the port authorities of peninsula, which insure that no boat can come closer than 500 m to the shore. Customs house and police office are also located in the port.

In Dafni also has his office one Serdaris of Agion Oros (a private guard appointed by the Holy Supervision (Ιερά Επιστασία – Iera Epistasia), today his duties are mostly of a postman. There are few shops selling religious souvenirs, chocolate, phone cards etc. There is one small inn with a taverna. From Dafni starts the unpaved road to Karyes. Every morning when the boat with visitors arrive and every evening when it leaves a bus is available to take monks and visitors to and from Karyes. The journey takes about 45 min one way.

dafni settlement mount athos
Dafni settlement, Mount Athos